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Sophie Williams is a Cornish illustrator with a bright, informative style that is both busy and engaging. Featuring bold black lines and hand drawn lettering, her style is able to convey complex information in a way that's easy for anyone to understand. 

Sophie grew up in Cornwall and went on to study BA Graphic Arts specialising in illustration at Winchester School of Art, graduating in 2018. She has lived and worked as a freelance illustrator in Cornwall ever since, finding her speciality with children's non-fiction and activity books. Her personal work is often themed around connecting with nature, her own mental health journey with anxiety and her silly sense of humour.


She is the author of Map of You (Cicada, 2021) and the illustrator of Earth- Shattering Events (Cicada, 2019) and Stones and Bones (Cicada, 2023). 



Studio Anorak, Cicada Books, Ethica Diamonds, Ann's Cottage, Recharge Therapy


Earth-Shattering Events: An interview with Sophie Williams and Robin Jacobs

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