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Stones and Bones:
Fossils and the Stories They Tell
Written by Rob Wilshaw Illustrated by Sophie Williams

Excavating four billion years of history from the ground beneath our feet! Over the past four billion years, life on our planet has evolved from microscopic single-celled organisms to the incredible array of flora and fauna today. In the course of this time, layer upon layer of life was buried in sediment, turning into a fossilised record of the planet's history.


This highly-illustrated, large-format book looks at all the incredible things that scientists have learned from the fossil record: The ways in which continents have drifted, merged and fragmented again. The life forms that have evolved and the great extinction events that wiped them out. Clear, concise texts are accompanied by Sophie Williams' warm and entertaining illustrations, making this a book to cherish and return to. A worthy follow-on from Earth-Shattering Events.

Coming Autumn 2023!


Publisher:Cicada Books

Publication date:05/07/2024

Product dimensions:6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Map Of You
Written and illustrated by Sophie Williams

The journey of self-discovery starts right here! This charming activity book aims to help young readers work through their anxieties, to encourage honest self-reflection, and to inspire a sense of acceptance and optimism even in times of darkness.

Aimed at a middle-grade audience, this delightful activity book asks young readers to explore the landscape of their own psyche. They are invited to visit their mountains of strength and wetlands of weaknesses. to confront their ‘forests of fears’, and to take comfort in their ‘islands of interests’. Personality quizzes, colouring in, drawing and designing all feature. Self-examination has never been more enjoyable!

"This brilliantly creative activity book inspires self-awareness, helps to navigate complex feelings and promotes positive mental wellbeing". - Paper Ren

Written and Illustrated by Sophie Williams

Publisher: Cicada Books 

ISBN: 9781800660151 

Number of pages: 76 

Dimensions: 270 x 210 mm


Earth Shattering Events
Written by Robin Jacobs Illustrated by Sophie Williams

An atlas of the most extreme meteorological and geological disasters that nature has to offer!

We humans take our domination of the planet for granted, but sometimes nature reminds us that this is an illusion. Tectonics rip open the earth, vast waves sweep away coastal towns, magma spews from volcanoes and hurricanes lay waste to entire countries.
This book explores nature at its most destructive. Clear, coherent explanations break down the science behind phenomena including hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, alongside fascinating facts about the biggest and the worst.

Publisher: Cicada Books Limited 
ISBN: 9781908714701 
Number of pages: 64 
Weight: 780 g 
Dimensions: 300 x 240 mm


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